Advan TC4 18x9.5 5x114.3 +12 Racing Gunmetallic

Advan TC4 18x9.5 5x114.3 +12 Racing Gunmetallic

  • $628.45

ADVAN Racing TC III evolved to TC - 4 with a completely different concept of full face 5 spokes. A new design that plus the dynamic curvature of a wheel with a rim such as ADVAN Racing GT plus a full face 5-spoke design.

The spoke side cut is applied only to the crotch part and the tip part of the spoke by computer analysis to optimize the balance between strength and weight reduction, and design consideration is also taken into consideration.

The size is only 18 inches and is set from 7 J to 11 J. Depending on the rim width and inset, three types of faces, Standard Design, GTR Design, Super GTR Design are set up.

The setting color is "Racing Gunmetallic" of color tone close to Dark Silver and "Black Gunmetallic" close to Gross Black. "Amber bronze metallic" of hues close to bronze alumite. And the vivid "Racing Candy Red" 4 color setting. Both colors are specifications in which the outer periphery of the rim flange is cut by diamonds, and the ring is attached to the end of the color notation.

The ADVAN Racing logo is cast between the spokes of the rim part at a height of 1 mm or more, and the top surface of the character is cut after painting. Also included is a new logo TC - 4 dedicated spoke sticker.