AEM Fuel / Ignition Controller (F/IC-8)

AEM Fuel / Ignition Controller (F/IC-8)

  • $611.96

The F/IC-8 features advanced injector load simulation and filtering, selectable high/low voltage mag-driver outputs and five cam/crank timing channels. This enables the F/IC-8 to adapt to virtually any race engine up to eight cylinders, including those with DOHC and variable valve timing (VVT)! In fact, current F/IC-6 users can convert to an F/IC-8 to gain the additional features with no additional wiring!

Frequency-based flow meter support means there are no limitations due to Karmann Vortex-style MAF sensors common to Mitsubishi and GM applications. Users who are not using a frequency -based MAF can convert this function for vehicle speed sensor mapping to recalibrate speedometers for larger tires, etc. NOTE: Users can elect to use this feature for either a frequency-based flow meter sensor or speedometer re-mapping but not both features simultaneously.

A 41 PSIA (approximately 25 PSI boost) boost controller is built into the F/IC-8 that enables feedback control (requires purchase of AEM Boost Solenoid, part# 30-2400), and the unit includes an Air Inlet Temperature (AIT) logging input.


The F/IC-8 delivers 2MB of on-board memory for data logging, compared to the 64KB logger on the F/IC-6.


The F/IC-8 motherboard and ancillary controllers are housed in a new, smaller extruded aluminum enclosure that is black anodized with a laser-engraved logo. It looks great externally mounted, and is small enough to tuck away on most vehicles.

Additional Features:

Eight (8) injector inputs with simulated injector load used when remapping OEM injectors
Eight (8) fuel injector controllers for either remapping of ECU output (+/- 100% trim) or as a stand-alone extra injector driver
21x17 maps with configurable load and RPM breakpoints
Analog in/out for remapping/clamping MAF
F/IC draws power from PC USB interface for quick and easy calibration changes
Drives high impedance injectors or low impedance injectors with use of Peak & Hold Injector Driver Box (sold separately)
Three (3) channels of timing retard
Supports MAG or HALL sensor types
On board 41PSIA (approx. 25PSI boost) manifold pressure sensor
Windows-based tuning software for easy interface