Buddy Club Type-B Racing Spec Shift Knob

  • $35.99

ISR Performance Billet Aluminum Height Adjustable Height Shift Knob, will Fit Nissan 240sx with Manual Transmission. The Thread of this Shift Knob is 10x1.25mm and will Fit Other Brands of Vehicles that have the same Shift Knob Thread. 

Shift knob Specs: 

Weight:      7.2oz 
Diameter:   1.9" Inches
Height:       2.3" Inches


1 6mm spacer

1 12mm spacer

1 19mm spacer

1 stopper

1 lock nut 

1 10x1.25 threaded insert 

1 assembly tool 

1 billet round shift knob  

** All ISR Performance Products are Designed for Off Road Use Only **