Defi Advance BF Series 60mm Exhaust Gas Temperature Link-Meter Gauge

  • $320.99

The Defi-Link Meter BF series 60mm gauges will reward you with their great response and reliable readings. The gauge faces are a stealthy tinted black when the power is off. Fire up your car and enjoy Defi's signature sweeping ceremony as the gauges light up a bright white, blue or amber. BF series gauges hook up to the mandatory Defi-Link Controller II through a simple "Daisy Chain" wiring system making installation a breeze. One control unit can handle up to 6 gauges and allows for easy feature adjustment. These gauges display in KPA and Celsius units only.


  • A Defi-Link Control Unit II is necessary to operate Defi-Link Meter BFs.
  • Available in a Choice of White, Red or Blue Illumination
  • Brightness adjustment: 10 stages of brightness, 5 in the daytime and 5 at night. 
  • Capable of recording then replaying up to 3 minutes of driving data.
  • Gauges have programmable peak hold and warning features. 
  • Audible and visual warning functions will also trigger Defi-Link Indicators (sold seperately).

Gauge Reads: 200 Deg C. to 1100 Deg C.
  *The Defi Advance BF USDM version desplays the measurement in U.S. Units. Only available in amber.  


The Defi BF Series Gauges must be used with the Defi Advance Control Unit, which can be purchased here.