Defi Advance BF Series 60mm Tachometer Link-Meter Gauge

  • $217.99

The Defi-Link Meter BF series 60mm gauges will reward you with their great response and reliable readings. The gauge faces are a stealthy tinted black when the power is off. Fire up your car and enjoy Defi's signature sweeping ceremony as the gauges light up a bright white, blue or amber. BF series gauges hook up to the mandatory Defi-Link Controller II through a simple "Daisy Chain" wiring system making installation a breeze. One control unit can handle up to 6 gauges and allows for easy feature adjustment. These gauges display in KPA and Celsius units only.


  • A Defi-Link Control Unit II is necessary to operate Defi-Link Meter BFs.
  • Available in a Choice of White, Red or Blue Illumination
  • Brightness adjustment: 10 stages of brightness, 5 in the daytime and 5 at night. 
  • Capable of recording then replaying up to 3 minutes of driving data.
  • Gauges have programmable peak hold and warning features. 
  • Audible and visual warning functions will also trigger Defi-Link Indicators (sold seperately).


The Defi BF Series Gauges must be used with the Defi Advance Control Unit, which can be purchased here.