GReddy V-Manage

  • $636.81

GReddy V-Manage The V-Manage allows tuning of variable valve timing in older Honda VTEC applications where timing adjustments are "on-off" scenarios initiated by a solenoid or the newer generation iVTEC, Toyota VVTi and VVTLi, Mitsubishi's MIVEC and Nissan's CVTC that control the valve timing using a freer, progressive-rate strategy. The V-Manage not only adjusts the crossover point or VTEC threshold but it can tune the amount of retard throughout the rev range. The unit uses e-Manage Ultimate software and interfaces easily with an e-Mange Ultimate computer to make seamless corresponding fuel adjustments. Also the unit has an auto-learn feature to determine the engine's baseline cam timing scheme and DIP switches that allow the user to quickly switch between stock timing and programmed timing.