ISR Performance L-Shaped Hydraulic Handbrake E-Brake

  • $259.99
  • Save $-94.99

We have the newest design of the ISR 240sx hydraulic e-brake ready for order, and this part is built to perform. This L-shaped hydraulic handbrake kit is specifically designed for drifting, rally, and track racing vehicles, but you can install it in any vehicle due to its universal application.

A hydraulic handbrake will allow you to lock your rear wheels and slide sideways at will. This function is used extensively in drifting and rally driving, and it is highly recommended that you pick up a quality handbrake for superior drifting in these venues. ISR’s hydraulic handbrake requires less force to lock the rear wheels and eliminates the common weaknesses found in standard cable-type handbrakes. This 240sx hydraulic e-brake features a vertical pull-style design and is 13 inches from the base to the top.

Fittings recommended for master:

    • x1 banjo bolt - 11x1.25mm x 15/16"
    • x1 7/16” banjo fitting to 3AN
    • x2 7/16" crush washers
    • x1 master cylinder to brake line, 3/16 tube to 3/8 in.- 24 flare female, -3AN Male
    • x1 #3 X 3/8-24 I.F. brake adapter - steel

** All ISR Performance Products are Designed for Off Road Use Only **