ISR Performance Universal Blast Pipe (3" Dual Tip)

ISR Performance Universal Blast Pipe (3" Dual Tip)

  • $210.00

Similar in design to the ISR Dual Tip Straight Race Exhausts for the Nissan 240SX, this aftermarket market exhaust tip is equal parts form and function. Cast in an eye-catching, chrome finish that pairs perfectly with the rest of a chromed out tuner car, the dual tip lets you pipe out a bigger exhaust stream than a single tip. This tip supports the engine revving drive you want from a sporty automobile and has come a long way in performance since it rolled off of the manufacturing line.

Finishing the Muffler System

At first glance, the dual exhaust tip’s 16" long single pipe that connects to 24" long dual pipes (for a total length of 40"), can make it look like a muffler system in itself. But make no mistake, the piece is designed to top off your exhaust system instead of serving as a primary manifold. With its universal parts and dimensions, this performance exhaust tip is a great option for the 240SX and other Nissan models whose pedal to the metal performance deserves a dual exhaust tip.

Order Your Dual Exhaust Tip

ISR’s Performance Universal 3” Dual Tip Exhaust is a great performance exhaust tip for drivers who want to build their own straight pipe race exhaust. If implementing a straight race exhaust is a part of your vehicle customization project, and this exhaust has the desired dimensions, place your order today, and get ready to give your car an exhaust tip that looks as great as it performs.



** All ISR Performance Products are Designed for Off Road Use Only **