Stack 52mm Lambda Wide-band Air-Fuel Sensor/Gauge

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This is the ultimate tuning aid!

Dual digital and radial LED displays provide accurate real-time readout of either air/fuel ratio or lambda (user-selectable). A 0-4Volt analogue output can be connected to a data-logger or to an ECU to provide real-time closed-loop feedback for improved mapping. Supplied complete with wiring harness and includes Bosch sensor.


The product can be used with the following fuels:

Stoichiometric Air/Fuel Ratio
Unleaded Petrol
LPG (Propane)

Stoichiometric Air/Fuel Ratio is the chemically correct ratio where theoretically all the oxygen and all of the fuel are consumed. The mixture is nether rich or lean. Note: The product is suitable for use with Nitrous oxide (where legal).


Wide-band Lambda O2 Sensor

Weight w/o Cable  120 g
Length 84 mm
Wrench Size 22 mm
Tightening Torque 40 … 60 Nm
Max. Vibration (stochastic peak level) 100 g
Exhaust Gas Temperature Range (Operating) 930 °C
Exhaust Gas Temperature Range (Maximum) < 1030 °C

This sensor is NOT recommended for leaded fuel or two stroke engines. 

Gauge comes complete with wiring harness and associated sensor. Replacement sensors available.