Stack ST400 80mm Professional Action Replay Tachometer

  • $549.95
  • Save $71

Stack Action Replay Recording Tachometers provides the ideal introduction to data recording, ideally suited for oval, sprint, hill climbing and drag racing. The engine RPM for the last run (up to 25 minutes) is recorded in a solid state memory, and at the touch of a button can be replayed via the needle on the dial. 

Re-live your last run as many times as you like, to review shift points, gearing and maximum RPM around the track. The aid the analysis of the playback there are fast and slow modes available.


  • Ultra high accuracy guaranteed for life
  • Black Face Display
  • Reads 0 - 8000 RPM
  • Proven Stack stepper motor movement - best performer for over 20 years
  • Wide range of standard dial faces
  • Separate wiring loom
  • Exceptional durability
  • User adjustable external shift light (included)
  • Fully sealed against water and dust
  • 80mm body diameter
  • 1 Year competition warranty
  • Supplied with mounting bracket, wiring harness, shift light and instruction manual